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#5 - 22/10/2018 COMING SOON!

'Ruby in Japan' author announces 'Ruby in Japan' to become a part of a series called 'Ruby around the World!' So far titles will include: 'Ruby in France', 'Ruby in Jamaica' AND 'Ruby in New Zealand'! Stay tuned on "" to find out if your country will be featured in the Ruby around the world series!

#4 - 20/10/2018 Exclusive Interview with Author!

Q: What inspired you to create Ruby in Japan?
A: Well I like cats. And I like Japan....
Q: Uh.. Was there anything specific? That inspired you, or a message you wanted tell the world through your story?
A: That I like Japan and that I wanted other people to know that I like Japan.
Q: Okay. Well how did you come up with the main character Ruby?
A: When I started creating the story I recently got a new cat and her name was Ruby-
Q: So the main character was inspired by your new cat?
A: No, he was inspired by my pet alligator: Charles.
Q: Oh okay uh, is Ruby japanese herself?
A: I don't know, she's a cat.
Q: *long silent pause* What was the purpose for creating Ruby in Japan?
A: For the credits.

#3 - 18/10/2018 10,000 vistors!

We are happy to celebrate the Ruby in Japan website's success on reaching 10,000 visitors!!! In only 4 days!!! That should be a world record surely!

#2 - 16/10/2018 Online Store!

Now that the Ruby in Japan website has launched; soon users will be able to buy the Ruby in Japan book online!

#1 - 14/10/2018 Ruby in Japan Website Launch!

On this day the official Ruby in Japan Website launched!